Why would you buy a Stroller and a Car seat when one can do both?

Doona stroller was the best option for me as a working mom back in Abu dhabi , it made my life simple by converting the stroller to a car seat in seconds and effortlessly, not to forget the extra space it has given me by not occupying the trunk space in my car!

So, because of doona stroller smart design, the trips to nursery, then work, then nursery and then finally home were much easier.

I was always asked in the malls and even by pediatricians about this stroller as how simple and nice it looks compared to other types of huge “call your husband to fold it kinda strollers” lol

Later on, Doona stroller became a trend around me in Abu dhabi for a valuable baby shower gift item.

I personally like it.

Manal K.

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