The best home fragrances refills from Bath & Body Works, and totally worth it!

I cannot just pass by Bath and Body Works and not enter, I gotta get somthing whenever I am there, even if it’s a little hand sanitizer! the beautiful scents of the shop itself can redirect anyone just to go there. No wonder this shop is always busy.

Ok, this time I wanted to share my favorite home fragrances refill from Bath and Body works :

1️⃣ Flamengo Beach
2️⃣ Warm Vanilla Sugar
3️⃣ Bergamot Waters
4️⃣ Beachscape

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The Flamengo beach is definitely somthing to try first if you want to get only one refill as a start, couldn’t resist but to buy 2 of them!
Totally Recommended.

Manal k.

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