Searching for natural look and super comfortable contact lenses?

Contact lenses is an accessory for some people and a necessity for others, depends if you buy it with power or without, however, in both cases you want to look good and see well “obviously”.

Freshlook daily contact lenses could provide these 2 important elements in addition to being very comfortable that I almost forget taking them out before getting to sleep ! I believe this has to do with water that is 69% of its content and 31% nelfilcon A.

The idea of a daily disposable lenses is healthier and hygienic since its not required to be stored in a solution everyday after usage, it actually made a difference with me, no more burning sensation the moment i place them, no serious eye allergies and the best part is how soft it feels compared to the monthly lenses which irritated my eyes.

Freshlook have them in 4 colors but Pure hazel is my super favorite, very natural look and beautiful with smoky eyes.

Recommended ♡

Manal k.

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