Effective Sun Screen to keep your kids safe from Sun burn

After moving to Canada, we faced a drastic weather change from hot and humid to freezing cold and dry, which definitely had an impact on the kids skin and lips.

However, what I really noticed is that it’s very likely to have a sun burn in such dry weather, the kids skin got irritated and therefore were turning red.

Its very common especially at noon when they play outdoor at school, and it seems that the sun in windsor ontario is so bright and direct in away makes you feel that burning sensation just being outdoor for 5 minutes!

So with a little research I decided to try Eucerin Sun Spray which worked effectively for both kids -Thank God- that all the mentioned symptoms are now gone.

Click on the image below to find the product on Amazon.ca

I thought of sharing this experience maybe it can help to shorten your journey in finding the right sun screen for such case.

Manal k.