Kiss the dryness goodbye with Eucerin Urea Repair Hand cream, while pampering your feet with VLCC Lemongrass & patchouli Foot Spray

It’s always exciting to share my successful trials with skin care products, especially these “little you apply on the skin with highly effective results” kind of products.

Eucerin Urea Repair Hand cream and VLCC Lemongrass & Patchouli Foot spray both were providing great daily fresh boost for me as a working mom back in Abu Dhabi.

The reason I started using these 2 products was the excessive hands dryness I suffered after my second pregnancy -which is a very common case during & after pregnancy- It was painful & annoying that I could sense the change in my hands skin texture , looked cracked with dry skin tone close to fingers area. This absolutely did not make me happy!

So, It was the dermatologist time, he recommended this Eucerin Urea Repair cream in addition to drinking enough water in regular basis.

It was definitely a relief using this cream, light, durable and not oily.

I could see the results in few days, thank god, dry painful hands for me became history 🙂

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VLCC Lemongrass & patchouli foot spray was upon my own selection while going for some fun shopping, it grapped my attention with its fresh scent plus the idea it contains antiseptic properties keeps the feet bacteria free while having dry & fresh feet.

Manal K.