14 items needed for new working Moms

Let’s get straight to the point and start listing the items for all the new working moms!

1. Philips Avent Milk bottles & Bottle Cleaning Brush
Avent bottles are with silicon nipples and polypropylene bottles both are BPA free.
The silicon nipples are available in different flow rates according to the baby’s age and needs.
Click on the image below to find a nice set on Amazon which contains the bottles along with the brush.

The shape of the brush maks it simple to wash the bottles and to ensure nothing is stuck at any corner of the bottle or the bottles nipples.

2.Philips Avent sterilizer

With the extensive usage of daily sterilizing of bottles, Avent worked just fine, keeping the bottles clean and scentless. The sterilizer is easy to use and clean.
Click on the image below to find the product on Amazon.ca

3.Stroller and a car seat

I have recommended in a previous post Doona stroller which made my life much easier, the last thing i wanted after the baby delivery is extra exhausting physical work, Doona made my daily routine simple with its 2 in 1 feature and without removing and inserting any part.

You can check my previous post about Doona Strollers for more details.

4.Daycare or a trusted person

Having your mom around is always a bless as she will be the only person – in my opinion- who can love your kids as much as you do.

On the other hand, thank god for the many day care options available, please ensure to start your research ahead if you’re planning to register your child in one, you need to be totally comfortable with the idea of putting your child with a trusted day care and with no guilt at all.

You work not only to pursue your career but also to provide the life you want for your kids, and you should believe that it is about quality time not only quantity, it is for sure the moment you’re back home and during weekends you will be dedicating yourself to your kids, this is enough to make them feel loved and happy.

5.Baby burp cloth

Ok, these are always helpful and to avoid any burp accident 🙂
These are stylish ones from Amazon, click on the image for more details

6.Avent Electric Breast Pump

If your planning to continue with breast feeding, this is a very good option and easy to use.
click on the image below for more details

7.Diaper / Body Soft cream

As explained in a previous post about Sebamed baby products, the baby extra soft cream I used for the kids was good enough as they never faced any issue with skin rash or eczema “Thank God”.

It is very important to use such creams for babies & avoid any discomfort that can disrupt their sleep hours which you will need too to relax and recharge.
Click on the image below for Sebamed Extra Soft cream for babies.

8.Shower towel

Here is a recommendation for baby girl/ baby boy shower towels.
Click on the images below to view on Amazon

9.Shampoo, bodywash and wipes
Below are my recommendations from Sebamed baby products

10.Onesies and only onesies for new borns

It’s good to keep the baby’s tummy covered for extra layer of warmth and also it is actually good to avoid diaper leakage.

It’s for sure much easier to change for a baby wearing a onesie instead of taking off the pants and socks and shoes! don’t forget you have to do all that while enjoying the baby cry.
Better to start buying such cloth only when they become toddlers and need to begin with potty training.
Check the below ideas from Amazon

11.Changing table – recommended to avoid back pain

Changing for the baby while standing upright is easier and less painful for your back. plus the idea of having all the baby essentials in one place makes the changing procedure simple and enjoyable for both the little one and the mom.
Check the below for few ideas from Amazon


This is a must buy item for your baby temperature monitoring.
Check the below image of Braun thermoscan on Amazon

13.Nasal spray and the fever control as doctor

This should be always with you and of course as per your trusted pediatrician prescription.

14.Baby bag – keep it ready

Get a stylish one 🙂 here are some ideas from Amazon

Manal K.