Serge Lutens Five O’clock au Gingembre unisex fragrance for Classic & Elegant vibes

Change is always healthy and positive, it brings up a new learning stage in your life, new opportunities, which all then create a new “you”.

It’s totally the same when selecting new perfumes, these little bottles with powerful scents can help to lift up your mood and even your confidence, as well as a chance to create new “positive” memories.

That’s why I always recommend to do a little search or take more time trying different fragrances before buying the same one you’re always comfortable with, for sure you will find a new scent that fits you and can create a change plus a mood lift in your life and style 😉

Serge Lutens au gingembre Eau De Parfum is a classic long lasting unisex fragrance that takes me back to 2013, when I got fascinated by the oriental spicy scent that was worn by one of my colleagues, she showed me the bottle – which then had a different look-and tried a little which later led me to getting this beautiful perfume.

It is a very unusual scent added to my collection as I can see that I get attracted more to the floral and powdery scents most of the times, thats why trying / sampling perfumes is important.

I believe that this is one of the fragrances with middle eastern vibes.

Here is an idea about what makes this fragrance unique:

Bergamot, candied ginger, honey, patchouli, pepper and dark cocoa.

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Manal k.